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The mission of the Deep South Equipment Dealers Association is to help the dealer member become a better manager and help foster industry relations that will have a positive impact on his dealership.

As a Member of the Deep South Equipment Dealers Association, you will be affiliated with a regional organization that since 1944 has been totally dedicated to help agricultural, industrial, and outdoor power equipment dealers increase the profitability of their businesses.  No other organization exists for the sole purpose of helping these specific businesses in Louisiana and South Mississippi.  Members of Deep South automatically become members of the North American Equipment Dealers Association that over 100 years has been committed to building the best business environment for North American equipment dealers.
The Deep South Equipment Dealers Association has concentrated its efforts in working on programs to benefit its members that single businesses would find impossible or unfeasible to accomplish alone.  The proof of strength in numbers has been experienced repeatedly over the long span of years and can be seen how dealers have multiplied their strength in numbers in Industry Relations, in the Legislative halls of the State Capitol in Baton Rouge, LA and Jackson, MS as well as the governmental agencies that affects the daily operation of their business through rules and regulations.
Just as certain as institutions have been formed to meet the needs of a nations citizens, each equipment dealer will need the services and benefits of their Trade Association that is committed to finding innovative solutions to common shared dealer problems in the Agricultural, Industrial and Outdoor Power Equipment Industry.

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